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Get Involved!

Are you looking for a valuable volunteer opportunity? If so, get involved with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program and become an IRS Certified Tax Volunteer.


Last year in Lubbock, CCAV had over 120 community volunteers that contributed more than 2,670 hours of service, generating over $4.5 million dollars in tax refunds and helping more than 2,700 individuals and families receive free tax preparation services. Great volunteers are the key to our success. To be a Volunteer at CCAV, please see the instructions below.


1. Select your Volunteer Position

2. Complete the Volunteer Registration & Background Check Form

3. Get Certified! (complete the online training and pass IRS certification exams) 

1. Volunteer Positions!

Volunteer Positions


Greets clients and verifies that they have brought in the appropriate information and forms to have their tax returns prepared.

Tax Preparer

Works with individuals and families to prepare tax returns within the VITA scope using IRS approved software.

Quality Reviewer

Returning Tax Preparers help review tax returns and assist clients with any questions they may have about their return.

2. Let's Get Started!

Register Now!

Step 1:  Review the Volunteer Handbook & complete the Volunteer Commitment Form


Step 2: NEW Volunteers! Complete the Volunteer Background Check Form

(You can use the signature feature in Adobe to complete the form)


Step 3: Click on "Add a File" (see below) to upload your Volunteer Background Check Form (Please tltle the document as "LastName_FirstName")

Since CCAV Tax Volunteers handle confidential information, a criminal background check must be performed on each Volunteer. This is at no cost to the Volunteer.


3. Get Certified! 

To Volunteer with CCAV you have to complete required IRS Certifications.

Click on the blue hyperlinks below to access the information

  • Register: To Be Announced

  • Online Training: TBA

  • Greeter/QR/ASC/SC Training:  Jan 16 (5:30-7:00 at CCAV) 

  • Certifications Completed: TBA

  • Volunteer: TBA

Register Now
Get Certified

Background Check Form

First Complete!

ALL Volunteers


(Greeters must complete everything below)

1. Volunteer Standards of Conduct - Ethics Training

2. Intake/Interview & QR Training

   Sample IRS Intake & Interview Sheet

After Training - Exam Process:

Create an account* at Link & Learn Certification "VITA/TCE Central" and complete:

  - Volunteer Standards of Conduct /Ethics Exam AND

  - Intake/Interview & QR Training Exam

*Steps to create an account, click here.

Tax Preparers

Complete ALL if you are volunteering as a Tax Preparer.


1. VITA Online Training

2. VITA Training Guide

     (same as online but in a book format)

    Training Videos

3. VITA Resource Guide (Pub 4012)

4. VITA Test/Re-Test Cert. Questions

    (questions will help prepare you for your Basic        Certification Exam)

5. Practice Lab* (pw: TRAINPROWEB)

    (Practice Lab Fact Sheet)

After Training - Exam Process:

Link & Learn Certification "VITA/TCE Central" and complete the Basic Certification Exam


*Steps to use the Practice Lab, click here.

(use the practice lab to input the client data, sample intake forms, and sample tax forms from the VITA Test/Re-Test Questions "publication 6744")


Complete ALL if you are volunteering as a Quality Reviewer, Assistant Site Coordinator or Site Coordinator


 1. Complete tasks listed under "Tax Preparers" (complete Advance level)

2. HSA Training & HSA Test Questions


3. Site Coordinator Training

After Training - Exam Process:

Link & Learn Certification "VITA/TCE Central" and complete the Advance and HSA Certification Exams 

Volunteer Standards Code of Conduct

After you pass your necessary Certifications - upload Form 13615:

After Passing the Following Exams:

1. Volunteer Standards of Conduct/Ethics Exam

2. Intake/Interview & Quality Review Exam

3. IRS Certification Exam (based on your volunteer position)


 Download Form 13615 "Volunteer Standards Code of Conduct" located in Link & Learn Certification "VITA/TCE Central" and upload the 2 page document here - the 2nd page shows you passed your certifications:

Please title the document as "LastName_FirstName"

Upload your completed exams by clicking the "Add a File" button (See above - under "Volunteer Positions!")

Where to find Form 13615 "Vol. Standards Code of Conduct" - the right side of the home page in 

Link & Learn Certification "VITA/TCE Central"

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